Woocommerce product feed manager v1.5.1 released

Woocommerce product feed manager v1.5.1 is now available via automatic update.

This is a maintenance and bug fix release. Like with all our plugin updates and especially those that include Channel updates, we recommend our users update as soon as possible.

  • Fixed an issue that caused an error when calculations where done on a combined input field
  • Fixed a code error that caused the plugin not to activate on PHP versions 5.3 or lower
  • Added support for the Zbozi channel
  • Added support for the Facebook channel
  • Added support for the Commerce Connector channel
  • Added a Last Feed Update source that represents the feed update date and time
  • Made some changed to the auto feed update that should improve the update process
  • Changed the Edit Feed Page so the user cannot change the channel after the feed has been stored
  • Changed the Edit Feed Page so the user can change the Target Country and Default Category during and after the feed has been stored
  • Added a Settings page that includes the option to set if you want to set the ftp server in active mode when downloading channels
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the license registration form not to show up
  • Changed the code to force feed file names not to have spaces

Update your channels!

We have added three new Channels and updated the Google with some big changes. Because of this big change in the Google channel you will need to update your google channel before you are able to create new feeds.

If you find any issue with your older feeds please update your channel templates!

Note: if you have the Google Feed Manager you have only the google channel and do not have to update your channel.

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