Manage Channel templates

Add, remove and update channel templates

We have updated the google channel template and i wanted to to take this opportunity to show you how the “manage channel section” works ie installing, updating and removing channels.

First of all visit the “manage channels” section of the plugin.
You will find the installed and Uninstalled channel templates we support.

You will need to install a Channel template before you can use him in the Feed manager. So when you just started with our plugin the first thing you will have to do is to install the Channel of your choice.

Installing and Uninstalling is really easy Just Click on the install or Remove button to either install of remove the channel from the feed manager.

Updating Channels is important

Updating the channels is really important. We will always update channels as soon as the channel makes any changes in their feed requirements. By updating your Channel templates you are sure your feed will be approved by the Channel.

A channel will show a red version alert when there is a new update. Click the Update button to start the update. It is that easy.

Unsupported channel?

When your missing a template where you would like to show your product on. Please request the channel in our Feature request forum and we love to add the channel to our list of supported channel templates.

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