Update Notice: Version 3.1.0

We’re thrilled to announce the latest update (version 3.1.0) of both our Google Feed Manager and Product Feed Manager plugins, available now!

Google supplemental feeds

In this update, we’ve expanded your capabilities with three new Google supplemental feeds:

  • Google’s Local Product Inventory Feed
  • Google’s Local Product Feed
  • Google’s Dynamic Remarketing Feed.

Google Supplemental Feeds: Supercharging Your Product Listings

Google supplemental feeds are a powerful tool for e-commerce businesses looking to enhance their product listings and reach more potential customers. But what exactly are they, and how can they benefit your business?

What Are Google Supplemental Feeds?

Think of Google supplemental feeds as additional layers of information that you can provide to Google Merchant Center. They work alongside your primary product data feed to offer more details, optimize campaigns, and reach specific audiences. In essence, they help you fine-tune your product listings for better results.

Types of Google Supplemental Feeds:

  1. Local Product Inventory Feed:
    • What is it? This feed allows you to showcase products available in your physical stores. It’s like a digital storefront for your local customers.
    • Benefits:
      • Drive Foot Traffic: Showcasing local inventory can attract nearby customers to your physical stores.
      • Local SEO Boost: It improves local search visibility, making it easier for local shoppers to find your products.
      • Enhanced Customer Experience: Shoppers can check product availability, reducing frustration and improving their experience.
  2. Local Product Feed:
    • What is it? This feed provides detailed information about products available at local stores. It complements the Local Product Inventory Feed.
    • Benefits:
      • Comprehensive Information: Offers pricing, availability, and location details for informed purchase decisions.
      • Multi-Channel Sync: Synchronize product data across various channels for efficient management.
      • Boosted Online Visibility: Enhance online visibility, ensuring local customers can easily find your products.
  3. Dynamic Remarketing Feed:
    • What is it? This feed enables personalized and highly targeted ads for users who have visited your website or app.
    • Benefits:
      • Personalization: Show users the exact products they viewed, making ads highly relevant.
      • Higher Conversions: Increase the likelihood of converting users who have shown interest in your products.
      • Efficient Ad Spending: Optimize ad spend by targeting users already interested, resulting in a higher ROI.

In summary, Google supplemental feeds empower businesses to refine their product listings, boost local presence, and personalize ad campaigns. Whether you want to attract local customers to your physical stores, provide comprehensive product information, or create highly targeted ads, these feeds offer valuable tools for success in the e-commerce landscape.

Advanced Custom Fields is now supported

Exciting news for Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) users! Our plugin now seamlessly integrates with ACF, including the Pro version. This means you can effortlessly include custom data from your WordPress or WooCommerce webshop directly into your product feeds, enhancing your customization options.

Small tweaks and fixed minor issues.

To make your life easier, and provide you with as much information about the channels, we’ve added direct links to feed specifications while you edit your feeds. This feature simplifies the process of implementing product feeds, helping you get the most out of your listings on the channels.

We’ve also addressed some minor issues, making your experience even smoother and more accurate.

Rest assured, this update has been thoroughly tested on WooCommerce version 8.3.0 for seamless compatibility and performance.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continuously improve your product feed management experience. Thank you for choosing our plugin!

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