How To Create a Google Product Review Feed for WooCommerce

Setup your product review feed

Google Product Review Feeds enable you to submit a comprehensive feed to Google containing detailed information about all your customer reviews. These valuable insights can then be utilized to elevate the effectiveness of your product listing advertisements, providing an opportunity to enhance their impact and reach.

Review ratings make ads stand out

Setting up a product review feed for your WooCommerce webshop is incredibly simple with our WooCommerce product feed manager. Eligible accounts can upload a product reviews feed to the Merchant Center, which will generate a valid XML file adhering to Google’s requirements.

Before getting started, ensure that your WooCommerce webshop has a minimum of 50 product reviews. You can enroll in the Product Ratings program by filling out the Product Ratings Interest Form.

Steps to Create Your Product Review Feed

Access your Woocommerce product feed manager and click on the “Add New Review Feed” button. This action will open the template screen for the review feed editor, where you’ll need to provide the review feed details.

Product review feed settings


Begin by giving the file an appropriate name, followed by the aggregator name. For the aggregator name, you can use your webshop name or something like “Woocommerce.” Fill in your company name for the publisher name. The publisher icon can be left empty or set as the URL to your webshop icon since it’s mandatory.

If you prefer a different update schedule for the review feed, modify the update interval using our plugin to fetch the latest reviews from your webshop.

Category Selector

Once you’ve entered the Publisher Name, the Category selector will appear on the right side of the screen. Here, you can choose the categories from your webshop that you want to include in the feed. In most cases, you’ll select all categories. Keep in mind that there is a size limit of 100MB for product review feeds. If you reach this limit, you can create multiple feeds, each with its own webshop categories.

Attribute Mapping

The attribute mapping section in the feed editor displays all the required attributes. Most of these attributes are pre-filled with the correct Woocommerce source. The only one you need to map to the correct database source is the “product_ids_sku.” Click the source dropdown and locate the SKU source in the list.

Optional Attributes

You have the option to add additional attributes if desired, although they are not mandatory. Review the list of attributes to identify those that are relevant to your products and shop.

I recommend adding the Product_id_ attributes, such as product_ids_brand, product_ids_gtin, and product_ids_mpn, as they connect the reviews to specific products.

Adding optional attributes

Finalize the Product Review Feed

And there you have it, these are the steps for creating a product review feed. The last step is to generate the feed and submit it to your merchant center. For more information on uploading the product review feed, refer to the Google Merchant Center manual.

Your product ratings will be displayed as a 1-5 star rating system along with the total count of reviews. When shoppers on Google browse through numerous products, the inclusion of additional eye-catching information like previous reviews can significantly enhance the visibility of your product, ultimately influencing their purchase decisions.

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