In short, WpFeedmanager makes it easy for you to advertise (and sell) your products on 3rd party platforms, or channels, as we call them within you WordPress webshop.

The WPfeedmanager plugs in directly with your WordPress website and works seamlessly with your Woocommerce shopping cart plugin. to generate structured data files to provide the supported channels.

You will have full control over how your products get listed and advertised and where they get listed. You will be able to manage your stock levels across channels en keep them in sync with your online store.

Some channels require that you provide certain product data that you might not store in your inventory system – we’ll let you add any missing data on the fly on a per-channel basis.

Why should you need this?

A lot of retailers build online stores and wait for customers to visit there shops and buy there goods. Unfortunately visitors

  • Take advantage of Product Listing Ads (PLA’s) and improve Ecommerce conversion rates
  • Ensure Google & Bing have a record of all of the items you are selling on your website
  • Inform the search engines when you add or remove products from your store
  • Promote sale prices quickly
  • Expand your footprint and boost your ecommerce sales!

We think you absolutely do. Many retailers build a store and wait for the customers to magically arrive. Unfortunately this is not generally the case. To build a brand and a well-trafficked store, it’s imperative that you promote your products in as many places as possible. Of course this should be done in a managed, cost-effective manner.

ShoppingFeeder makes this multi-channel marketing easy.

What are these channels?

Channels come in various forms. The most popular channels are price comparison services and marketplaces.

Price comparison services are great marketing and traffic-generating tools. They send large amounts of traffic to your store and let you make the sale.

– Some examples of these services are Google Product Search,, Kelkoo, Thefind, etc.

Marketplaces list your products and handle the sale of your product on their platform. They can really increase your headline sales.

– Some examples of these services are Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, etc.

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