Welcome to woocommerce product feed manager

Welcome to Woocommerce Product Feed Manager, the ultimate Woocommerce plugin for feed marketing.

I’m Auke, and I’m thrilled to present to you our Feed Marketing Academy. Our academy aims to guide you through each step and gradually demonstrate the functionality of our Product Feed Manager, empowering you to excel in Datafeed marketing. By starting with a strong foundation, you’ll be able to progress with certainty and effectiveness.

In Feed Marketing Academy, you’ll learn to utilize WooCommerce Product Feed Manager and discover techniques for optimizing your product data feed for success.

Fundamentals training covers using the feed manager plugin. Start with interface and plugin settings, create your first product feed, map webshop categories, and required and optional attributes, and save and generate your product feed.

At the end of the Fundamentals training, you will be able to create create a valid and error-free product feed and feel confident in create product feeds in your WooCommerce webshop.

Without further ado Let’s mark this introduction as complete and start with our first lesson: “Feed manager settings and Interface”